9 Small Business ideas for kids and teenagers – Be a Kiddopreneur

Here are 9 easy small business ideas for kids and teenagers. Ideal for the age group of 8-15 years.

  1. Home Gardening

Home gardening is all about helping your neighbors and customers with arrangement of their home garden. It would involve knowing what plants are kept at home. There are variety of plants grown at home in small pots. Each plant has different utility, some are used as show plants, some have medicinal values, some mean luck, some plants are used in food preparation, and fruit plants as well.

Preparation required: Go to a nursery and Understand these plants well, how to grow them, watering, what kind of manure is used, other care required. Make your Package of say 5 plants or 10 plants which you will suggest your customers.

You can also be a proponent of spreading Greenery.

You are good to go…

  1. Plantcare – Watering & Care taking

Some houses would already have plants, or even trees grown. Watering and taking care of these plants is an important activity which many of the people miss due to busy schedules.

Offering services to water and take care of plants is a nice idea. Without any investments.

Preparation required : Understand how plants grow, what care need to be taken for different plants. Visit a nursery to understand different plants, their requirements. This would go a long way.

You can also be a proponent of spreading Greenery.

  1. Kid Sitting

With both parents working, many families have the need for managing kids for the time after school. Kid sitting can be a good small business in the large cities. It involves a lot of patience and the knack of handling kids. So if you have some regular free time in the afternoons preferably after school hours, you may want to start off with a kid sitting home centre with the help of elders at home.

  1. Pet Care / Dog Walking / Aquariums

Many people have pets. It could be an aquarium or caged birds, cats and dogs are common ones. It is always a concern for pet owners to take care of their pets when they are away or even routine aspects like cleaning pets, walking dogs etc., are difficult to carry. If you love animals and like working with pets, this could be an option for you. You could offer people to take care of their pets on a daily / regular basis and even while they are away. Cleaning, Feeding, Walking, grooming are part of the job.

You could even suggest different pets and get to sell the pets

Preparations: Understand about pets by searching on the Web. Know about pet care taking for different animals. Read Books. Know the sources for getting pets. Discuss with Veternary Doctors, Shops on the food habits and what goes well for the pets.

  1. Toy making / Stuffed toys

Kids are ever hooked by stuffed toys, and they stay with them for life. Getting trained on making stuffed toys and taking it up as a small business would indeed be a good option.

  1. Making Greeting Cards

As a kid, if you are inclined towards art and crafts, and are good at it, this goes well with your interests. You can begin small by making handmade greeting cards for various occasions, Wall hangings, Photo frames from materials available to you . With a little experience you can graduate this hobby of yours to a business. Internet is a great source of designs and DIYs. Use it and unleash your creativity.

  1. Running Home Errands

Running home errands for households, and aged people can be a good business idea if you want to use your free time helping your neighbors and also making a quick little earning or pocket money. Small errands like getting grocery, vegetables, getting kids from schools, paying bills, getting medicines etc can be little chores which you can attend to.

  1. Kids Jewelry

If creativity runs in you and trying to make some handmade jewelry has fascinated you, then this is a wonderful and creative business idea for you. Right from paper quilling jewelry, to small bead jewelry, fancy stuff etc you can try a variety of designs all by yourself. Once you get a hang of it and the stuff you have made has good feedback from friends and relatives you can start making them and selling them as well.

  1. Running Home Library

If you love reading then you will love this Business Idea.

Reading books enhances children’s inquisitiveness and prepares them for life. Very often the school libraries do not suffice the need for varied reading for children. Running a Kid’s home lending library can be a great idea. This can be managed by kids themselves. Along with the library a host of other activities can be organized and managed. You can start with as many as 50 titles and gradually expand.

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