RapiDels – Disrupting the Local Delivery Logistics space

Oh!!! You need to deliver a parcel to your customer in the same city urgently, but can’t wait till tomorrow ???

Call RapiDels.

The startup scenario in India has fostered many innovative ideas to address the daily struggles.

One such disruptive concept is RapiDels, offering URGENT DELIVERY SERVICES to customers in Metro cities – within 4 hours. With a network of bikers, & equipped with right technology, Rapidels provide on-demand pickup and drops of consignments inside the city limits.

While Couriers delivery in intra-city does delivery on the second day, RapiDels delivers instantly, anywhere in the city within just 4 hours. Isn’t that Awesome!!!

Currently present in 3 Cities, RapiDels plan to expand to 12 cities very soon.

The RapiDels Story

RapiDels struck to me when I saw people struggling to get their errands done in day-to-day life, says Anshul Talokar, who co-founded RapiDels with Atul in 2015.

Anshul unfolds the story of RapiDels….

To begin with, we decided to do a pilot project in Thane city with limited resources. The response was fabulous! Customers came back with great applauds, positive feedback including varied suggestions to further improvise, expand or diversify services and a promise of using it again. In short, that was the trigger point when both of us decided to leave our comfortable corporate paths and pursue our interest as entrepreneurs.

A first-generation entrepreneur from a middle-class family, Anshul, had always believed that a good pay job leads to a secured living. While these thoughts are constantly seeded, and practiced, at times, initially it becomes difficult to convince that you can actually be an Entrepreneur. However, the zeal was powerful enough to drive across this self-protecting barrier (needless to say, there was an equal support and faith from the family to go ahead).

With a vision of building a profitable and viable venture, we started our office from Atul’s place. If I correctly remember, we operated from there for good 8 months. From whatever savings we had, we built-up initial capital investment from our pockets. To operate lean & save on employment expenses, we took various steps… like instead hiring regular employees we decided to take management interns, asked employees to work through BYOD setup; and hired part-timers to carry out ground operations. This helped us to divert essential financial resources towards business development and marketing.

Our full-fledged operations started in Jan’ 2016 from Mumbai and soon we expanded to city of Pune. We have recently started operations in Ahmedabad and launched a new intercity delivery service between Mumbai and Pune.

What Problem has RapiDels Addressed…

The first thought when we studied the industry was,

  • Courier companies delivery time was 24 hours and more to deliver a parcel, even in less than 10 KM distance?
  • Why I need to wait for next day to send an urgent document or a sample to my client?
  • Should I send a person from office and waste his time for this meagre but important work?

The answer to all these “WHYs” was a service which can cater to point-to-point delivery needs of customers and will be available at any hour of the day. In comparison to the traditional hub & spoke model of courier companies, we work on a relatively different model of point-to-point deliveries… But yes… Time is the key!

Indian logistic market has still not matured & this concept is relatively new. Therefore, creating awareness is the biggest challenge. Generating trials was easy but the difficult part was to get a paying customer.

In the initial 4-5 months, traction was really low, but returning customer rate kept the faith in model alive and helped us get going.


The key to growth was persistence. Achieving success is a gradual process and it grows step by step. Initially while targeting large corporates, we realized that the nature of requirement was different and turnaround period to get associated with them with a new product is quite long. This was a learning for us and we immediately shifted our focus on SMEs and start-ups. With easy reach, it was easier to talk directly to decision makers in small companies and put our value proposition ahead. The product was a perfect fit for these types of businesses and it helped us to generate a decent traction month-on-month.

RapiDels also operates in eCommerce Delivery Space, and would be soon diving into RapiTaxi – A 2Wheeler Taxi Service, Local Delivery Services – Grocery & others

Serviceability & Profitability

Customer expectations from any service provider is very high. In addition to on-time delivery, customers look for real time information, ease of communication and a quick response. We believe in providing the best and hassle-free service to our customers.

There is a strong process spidered around every delivery which helps us fulfill above expectations of customers.

The result is that 70-80% of our business is from repeat customers. 

In the race of expansion and making their presence felt, most of the online companies are somewhere losing on core of services they are offering to customers. “I believe, while moving forward if everyone starts building standard processes, it can win loyalty of the customers for the company. Subsequently, we save on repeat customer acquisition cost, generate good word-of-mouth publicity and hence can invest judiciously to make ourselves profitable”.

RapiDels Revenue Model

The revenue model for RapiDels is quite simple, where customers are charged on per delivery basis. Differential pricing is provided to customers depending upon the zone, pickup and delivery.

Customers have an option to pay through e-wallets, NEFT or in the form of cash.

Entrepreneurs have to focus on,

a) Technology     b) People.

As the operations expand, the transactions and processes become complex and it becomes difficult to manage it manually. This is where technology plays an important role by automating the processes in some standard formats. At the same time, a manual angle is required to comprehend the outcome of machines and redirect it in the right direction, towards growth of business.

A good and cohesive team can take care of everyday business and keep you intellectually relieved to stress upon business growth, so to keep going, trust your people.

RapiDels Success Mantras

Anyone can form a company and become a self-claimed Entrepreneur. However, the difficult part comes while establishing self as an Entrepreneur. One need to eat, sleep and breath business, need to be on their toes to move fast and grab opportunities.

The “mantras” that I have followed and that I often share is –

  • Invest in your people (Build a good team, give adequate attention…)
  • Plough on the field of operations (Put maximum efforts to standardize processes, take quick & difficult decisions, provide quality services…)
  • Harvest maximum from business sciences and technology (Base decisions on data, get machines/software to do mundane & recurring activities).


  • Book : The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • Quote : “I am not an inventor. I just want to make things better” – Daniel Ek, Founder, Spotify
  • Inspiration : Mr N R Narayana Murthy
  • Resource : www.marketwatch.com


So want go get your parcel delivered in 4 hours ?

Reach out to RapiDels ; Call : 7045929618 / email : hello@rapidels.com

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