17 hacks to INNOVATE and develop a CREATIVE Mindset for the young

We enter the rat race as soon as we are born. Race of getting attention, admission in schools and then starts the race for more marks, be number 1 in the race, leading to absence of creativity, innovation, experimentation development etc.

How to develop creative minds, how to encourage innovative thinking. Yes, we need to encourage our young ones to work towards it from the young age. The Education system may have its own challenges, but as teachers, and parents we can try to inculcate the explorative mindset, creative thinking and innovative mindset in the young…

Below are a set of 17 actions which will foster creative thinking and encourage children to innovate.

  1. Add a fun element in learning.
  2. Make the kids explore the answers themselves.
  3. Incentivize questioning and experimentation.
  4. Make them to think beyond the obvious through imagination.
  5. “Twist in Stories” – Make the kids re-create a story by asking question.
  6. Engage children by making them to try something new.
  7. Science, Arts & Crafts DIY Kits are an amazing stuff.
  8. Foster curiosity by making them to ask questions and also by questioning them.
  9. Concept can be learnt better with drawings, activities. Allow them to try some modifications / experimentation.
  10. Make them list out various problems around and have solutions both factual and imaginary.
  11. Alternately “What would you do if?” Game would help in fostering creative answers.
  12. Allow them to create, this would help to come up with most innovative answers and ideas.
  13. Have a maker’s space in your house and make the kids necessarily spend time into it.
  14. Makers space as a concept are emerging across cities, enroll your kids to one of them.
  15. Make the kids to illustrate stories they know / hear. This would help them to imagine, ideate, think on various aspects very creatively like the characters, drawings, background etc.
  16. Alternately replace your stories with insights on great events like discoveries, wars, activities, inventions, works of scientists, mathematicians, architects etc.
  17. Make them learn about how gadgets work.

Please comment on this list to add more of such initiatives to encourage innovation in the YOUNG.

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