Meet the Young Author & Entrepreneur – Aayush Verma

What happens when you get rejected? It’s but obvious that you end up with one of the two,

  1. Get discouraged and stay low, that’s the easiest way out; or,
  2. Keep trying till you succeed, where persistence is the key and this indeed is a difficult path

Oh yes, you also have a third option – to make your own roads, tread your own path like the flowing water which finds its way through any obstacle which it comes across. This is exactly what Aayush did….

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Here is the story of the 15yr old Aayush Verma, one of the youngest authors in the country with 3 titles and more to come. And Yes, he has his own startup into publication space and helps budding authors.

It all started when he was being ridiculed by his school teacher and then being rejected by about 47 publishers, this youngster went ahead to start his own publishing company.

Ayush, then 15 yrs, loved writing short stories and poems. While he shared them with his English teacher, lest getting encouraged and much to his shock, he was being laughed at and he became the center of jokes in his class. This left him low and discouraged.

Challenging the odds he decided to write a book about his experiences of student life, which became his first Book “Student Life”.

Student Life


Getting published is the biggest challenges which all the authors face (except a few known names). It was no different for Aayush, as he started submitting his work to publications, Publishers kept demanding big money, which hindered him of pursuing his dream of getting his book published.

After a long struggle and reaching out to more than 42 publications, there was a ray of hope when one of the publishers agreed to publish the book. But this too was short lived, as the publications shut down and he could not get his work published again.

He further went ahead to chase more publishers, and had more rejections coming through. This made Aayush feel bad about the way the first time authors are being treated.

“Every adversity carries within itself a seed of equivalent benefits” – Bhagvad Gita.

The turnaround happened when he decided to go for Self publishing. Being rejected by 47 publishers, had given him enough learnings and this made Aayush to self publish his book and also start his own publication company.

Dear Daddy


Here are some personal thoughts of Ayush, which have helped him challenge the odds and keep him going.

“What motivates me these days is my humble beginning which was full of struggles, but I never moved back, got published and now own a publication too”.

“Not all things are done online, there are many things which we have to manage offline”.

“Give importance to right thing and move ahead.”

“Every business needs investment but not every investment needs money as investment and I had invested more mind than money in Publication”.

“Successful people never give up in their bad times, where as the failures move on to working with other companies”.

Best Relationship Ever


He is now working on increasing his reach to talented people and support the first time authors to get published based on their talent. He dreams of making it big and expanding his publication.

Aayush’s 3 Success mantras,

  1. Whenever you fall in race, don’t quit, stand up and run as quickly as you can.
  2. Never look back.
  3. Don’t wait for things to happen, get into it and make it happen.



Books written by Aayush Verma, available online on all the leading platforms.

Student Life

Best Relationship Ever

Dear Daddy

You may get in touch with Aayush on Facebook …

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