Makerspaces – Breeding grounds for innovation, experimentation, product development

Breeding ground for experiment, innovation, invention, exploration ; Welcome to Makerspace !!!


Makerspaces are the informal labs, Do It Yourself (DIY) spaces with tools, having equipment around every trade. Be it electronics, software, hardware, Robotics, 3D printing, latest technologies, sewing machine, welding kits, carpentry tools, automobile, wood working. Makerspaces have resources, supplies and list of resource people, experts, teachers to help out.

At a makerspace, you can do a lot of activities, from genesis to adding life to ideas. Make an App, Work on a new product, Make your Robot, Electronics project, Try a new hobby etc. You can also learn new technologies, collaborate, try a carpentry project or just have some fun exploring various tools.

The makerspaces bring together a vast range of knowledge, skills and tools from various areas. Makerspace is a place to test ideas, solve problems, explore and discover new ways of doing something.

Who should go to a Makerspace

Ideally EVERYONE, who wants to rediscover learning, try something New, STUDENTS – School and College, TEACHERS, ADULTS

Makerspaces are great breeding grounds for innovation and invention. People come to these hubs with a passion to create, without a fear of completing assignments, without a fear of failure. School, college labs are great resources, but restrictions of syllabus-based assignments, leaves little scope for trying new things.

9 Great reasons to visit a Makerspace

Here are some great reasons as to, why maker spaces are great breeding grounds for innovation, invention, exploration.

  1. Makerspaces encourage an exploration mindset.
  2. Are great places for cross-pollination of ideas, which fosters design thinking, making and exploration.
  3. These facilities encourages passion, exploration, flexibility, collaboration, and reflection and propels the user forward.
  4. You can Think about a project, challenge – Make the design and bring it to life – Improve, Iterate.
  5. Makerspaces Facilitate informal learning opportunities. You Learn from others, Reach out to the experts (most of the makers spaces would have access to experts from all over there world).
  6. Material Resources: Most of the times the resources required are available at the space, which may not be available at your home, school, college.
  7. No bar on trial and errors. No deadlines or fear of completion of project or exam.
  8. Some Makerspaces help you with product development from Conceptualization to Creation.
  9. Find partners, co-founders for your startup.

We recommend all young and old, irrespective of age to visit a Makerspace and Start your journey of Exploration, Innovation, and Invention, All the best !!!

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