6 ways to keep grinding, even when you are demotivated

In life and work, demotivation strongly impacts our day-to-day life, whatever be the reason. Being demotivated is like a deflated tyre of life, not allowing you to progress. But, Life has to Move on. Here are some ways to refresh yourself and increase your motivation levels through a set of activities.

Go ahead, try them and keep yourself motivated.

1.Take a break

Take time out for yourself, relax , take a break. Take up an adventure trip, trekking, nature trail, drive out without any destination in mind. A long run on the beach, roam around, explore the unexplored parts of a city or a village. This can be quite refreshing.

2.Spend time with friends. Meet them personally, Speak to them

Friends are always great company, visit a childhood friend, an old friend from school, college, and recall the good old memories. And that’s an amazing feeling. You don’t need occasions to personally meet your friends.

Friends are a great motivation

3.Follow a thought leader.

One who has mastery over a subject and creates his theories and concepts, is a thought leader. Search for experts, thought leaders in a subject of your interest. Most of them have their online / social presence, blogs, videos, etc. Check out their works, take out a learning. Check out the TEDx list of great speakers and thought leaders whom you can look forward to.

4.Take up a hobby

Hobbies have great benefits to reap from. Hobbies always keep you refreshed. Tryout that new hobby, take up a workshop. Network with people with similar hobbies. There are quite a few groups.

5.Play Music, Listen to music

Musical vibes are very powerful, healing and restorative. Plug in your favorite music, immerse in it, sing along aloud. Feel the music in you, be one with it. You will find your inner rhythm. Give yourself that much required kick to bounce back.

6.Read a book

Reading a book is an ever refreshing activity. Just pick up a book, may be a topic of your choice or something unrelated. As your fingers move through the pages and the book unfolds, the entangled mind opens up to be fresh and ready to go again.


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