Stars go the app way

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Mobile apps are the order of the day. It all started with WhatsApp replacing SMSes in our lives and making the world a really small place to live in. Later, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every social networking site launched its own app and became easy to access through the mere swipe of a touchscreen.

Today, there are millions of apps that not only help us manage our expenses but also tell us how many steps to walk a day, buy groceries or even simpler, remind us to drink a glass of water. These apps can be considered as our loyal friends that are by our side all day long making life a lot easier.

In these digital times with apps offering an instant connect, can celebrities lag far behind in launching their own apps and making their presence felt in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store? Let’s take a look at some celebrities who have launched their own app, either for a personal connect with fans or business or even community service.

Akshay Kumar

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The ‘Khiladi’ Kumar of Bollywood recently launched an app for the ‘jawans’ of the Indian Army in association with Home Ministry. Called ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ (the brave hearts of India), the app connects the Army to the common man and allows civilians to donate money to the families of slain soldiers. One can make the maximum donation of Rs 15 lakh to the families of martyred soldiers and officers belonging to the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) through this app and also receive a tax benefit on the amount.

Sachin Tendulkar

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The legendary batsman is often hailed as the God of cricket by cricket-lovers all across the globe. As a token of appreciation for all their love and adulation and to connect easily to all of them, Sachin launched an app called ‘100 MB’ on March 31, 2017. MB stands for ‘Master Blaster’, which he is fondly referred to and has a personalized feed for fan engagement. All social media updates of him are available on the app too.

Virat Kohli

The current star of cricket Virat Kohli went a step ahead of Sachin and launched not just an app but an entire mobile hamper resplendent with a Moto G Turbo Virat Kohli Edition smartphone, a one-year subscription to Virat FanBox club, a miniature bat autographed by him and a welcome letter signed by him. The special edition phone promises live chats with the cricketer via the Virat FanBox app.

Virat Kohli (centre) at the launch of the box. Photo credit:

Kohli joined hands with PrivyPlex, a Mumbai-based start-up that develops solutions for bringing celebrities closer to their fans, to create the ‘FanBox’. Priced at Rs 16,999, the box can be bought on Flipkart.

Salman Khan

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On his 51st birthday, Salman launched his own app called BeingInTouch. The app provides many interesting details from the actor’s personal life – from his hobbies like painting and cycling, his love for his dogs to his work for his NGO Being Human. Registered users can also get a discount on select brands featured on the app.

Sonam Kapoor

Known for her fashion sense, actress Sonam Kapoor became the first Bollywood celebrity to launch her app in April 2016 and the first Indian celebrity to have her own range of emoticons. She not only chats with fans through the app but also provides tips on fashion, beauty and fitness. Live-streaming and chats with fans are some of the other features of the app. A section of the app also gives her fans a chance to post pictures and comments too.

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