Why Kids can be great Innovators …

We, as parents teach our kids to read, write, learn poems, play, ride a bicycle, we teach them manners, religious thoughts, how to speak, try to discipline them…

But do we teach our kids to Think? Come up with new Ideas? Brain storm? Solve Problems? And more importantly How to Innovate? Or do we just spoon feed them.

Just imagine how we could open up the abilities of our kids by teaching them to come out with new ideas, how to approach problems and innovate …

And kids can be great innovators, for all we know of the following reasons;

  • They are fresh – the kids certainly are like a clean slate with mind open, no preconceived notions, and with an attitude to know new things.
  • Kids are always ready to explore and try out something new. Unlike us, the so called grownups they have a highest level of Curiosity & Inquisitiveness. J
  • You might have faced so many questions from your child, yes they learn and discover by asking questions. And are always full of Imagination.
  • These are the very things that can lead to great ideas and innovations.
  • Added to this if we can teach them the thought process, don’t you think we can lead them to innovative and make the world a better place?

Motivate the kids to innovate… foster innovation.

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