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Remember the days when buying groceries at the store was a family affair? Or the times when your mom would send you to the kirana shop down the road with a list? Well, those days aren’t completely gone yet but they sure are facing some stiff competition from technology.

With apps ruling every aspect of our lives, could home delivery apps be far behind? Call them the modern-day ‘dabbawalas’ or the online supermarkets, these apps offer a helping hand to many professionals, especially after a long, hard day of work.

Tina D’Souza, a corporate professional from Bengaluru, often orders groceries from BigBasket.com. “The vegetables are fresh and reasonably priced. It is a complete time-saver,” she says. “However, their service needs to improve a bit because once, they forgot to deliver an item, although they refunded the money,” she recalls.

Rashmi, a journalist in Bengaluru, too gets food home via the Swiggy app once or twice a week. “There are times when I work late and am too tired to cook. So I use Swiggy to order a meal,” she says. “I also use this app called Licious to purchase meat and it’s extremely useful,” she adds.

Meals, groceries, clothes, you name it and it can be at your doorstep at the click of a button thanks to these apps. Let’s take a look at some of the ruling home delivery apps and their USPs.


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Picture this – after a long day of work, you are too tired to cook or head out for dinner. What do you do? Enter Swiggy, a food ordering and delivery company based out of Bengaluru, that helps you order from a wide range of restaurants. The team of young minds is growing rapidly across the country and providing employment to many. Some of their USPs are a no minimum order policy as well as online payments.


Big Basket

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Sundays don’t need to be the days to shop for vegetables anymore. All thanks to Big Basket that brings the choicest produce straight from the farms to your home. In addition, the website offers a range of personal care products, groceries and other household accessories to choose from. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Big Basket has around 300 people working in different roles like software engineers, accountants, delivery personnel and customer support executives.


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A few years ago, did you ever think that you could scan through the menu of the restaurant that you planned to dine at sitting in your living room? Well, it’s possible thanks to the brains behind Zomato, a restaurant search app, which puts up menus of various restaurants including those that don’t have a website. Spread across 23 countries, Zomato has around 3,000 people working for it and also delivers food home under a separate app, Zomato Order.

Food Panda

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Active in more than 450 cities around the world, Food Panda is headquarter in Berlin and has a team of over 2,500 people worldwide! It partners with more than 26,000 restaurants globally and has some of the best young minds working for it.


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The name rings a bell right? Yes, Faasos, the restaurant known for its lip-smacking rolls and other quick bites is also a great runner in this field. Faasos app is one of the most popular ones among foodies. Headquartered in Mumbai, Faasos has close to 3,000 employees and offers various rewards for its customers like under the loyalty program, Faasos Elite. Under this, one can get prioritised delivery, free desserts with order, a birthday gift among many other attractive offers.

Amazon’s Kirana Now

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Amazon expanded its business to around 12,500 local stores and retail outlets to launch the Kirana Now app. Started in Bengaluru in early 2016, the app offers two types of delivery services — express (two hours) and scheduled. The deliveries are done by the store staff during non-peak hours.

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